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And so the time has come for me to leave Baltimore for good. It has been a good time all in all, definitely “an interesting place to live… for a while”. Probably my first view of ‘regular America’ (unless Florida counts, NYC and Alaska clearly don’t), and I suppose this blog will tell a better story about it than any last minute parting words.

I used to live in Latin America, now I’m in Gays.

The past week or two has been predictably intense. Lots and lots of experiments to get done of course, I also made a concerted effort to go out with a bang. Numerous goodbye dinners were arranged, gay clubs were visited (a blog-worthy story in itself), $1 oysters were consumed, tequila bottles were emptied and furniture-rearrangement/Britney singalong/blackouts ensued. I even managed to squeeze in a (business) trip to San Francisco right before leaving, resulting in three consecutive red-eyes and a 9-hour time difference to get back to Denmark. So the beat drops, and I’m tired now; but tomorrow it’ll kickstart and I’ll be back to TCB.

さようなら friends and strangers, much appreciate all the good times and I hope I puffed you up more than I fucked you up.

Jennifer told me to take some pics of her and other people in the lab. Not one to just give people what they want, here is instead one of her eating pie…

And one from the lab. Hammertime!


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2012/11/18 at 09:20

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