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鯉の絵 (Work in progress)

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Lots and lots of experiments to do, which is really much nicer than wanting to continue a story but being unable to work on it. But it does mean less (nigh zero) time for painting, and so my already unimpressive pace of progress has become downright glacial. I very much doubt that I’ll finish even my starter box of six, and my new target is to finish the two armored soldiers and leave the basic grunts for after I return. The large surface area of their armor as well as their greater significance on the battlefield mean that I spend more time making these guys look nice, and have more fun painting them to boot. I already showcased my Shàng Jí Invincible (who now has arms), heavy infantry from the main Chinese part of the army and in my scheme consequently painted as part of the Chinese zodiac. The lady shown below is a Domaru Butai, a proud samurai from the Japanese section of the army. I didn’t feel like Daoist iconography would be appropriate, and decided that the Japanese heavy infantry would instead have plain white armor which would then be used as a canvas for traditional paintings (metapaintings?).

For this girl I decided to do koi swimming around among lily pads. Still very much a work in progress, but you can see what I mean I think. The armor is getting there: white is nearly done and the grey and metallic bits just need a couple more layers of highlighting. It came out a lot grainier than I would have liked, which tends to be a problem with white. Oh well, practice practice, and fortunately this version has a less useful in-game profile than her male equivalent. You can see the outlines of where the fish and lily pads will be, and I’m crossing my fingers that they end up looking nice. After that there’s the gun and pistol, glowy red bits, Honda logo and various details to take care of… but I’ll finish before I leave dammit!


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2012/10/19 at 22:25

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