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Burning the midnight oil

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Hopefully this won’t happen.

I found that picture on Wikipedia and couldn’t resist sticking it in here (especially in light of my previous cooking incident). Anyway, the story is that George wants to deep fry some fries and pierogis, and to minimize waste of oil we’re making a deep frying party out of it. But what else to cook? I wanted to make an easy poll where y’all could put in your favorites, but sadly it will only let me put in predefined answers. Bleh. Anyway would love comments if anyone has suggestions!


Written by Martin

2012/10/17 at 08:45

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  1. If you haven’t already done this deep frying party (which sounds immensely un-healthy btw):
    Take some fresh fish,dip in egg+cream batter and then roll in panko. Deep fry. Yum!
    Also, deep fry cemembert and have with some sweet+sour tasting jam and vanilla ice cream!

    Sarah W

    2012/10/25 at 16:33

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