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With the end of my stay here slowly appearing, it’s starting to get time to put in orders for anything I want to get from over here. Since I’ve been accumulating possessions here I have a lot of stuff to bring back this time, and consequently my shopping will be very limited. Buuuut, a few select items should be ok, right?

Now with 70% less wire tangle and 100% more picking up calls in the lab without fumbling the phone out of my pocket. Also, 95% less background noise (or so they claim).

Item #1 is a noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC. A number of irritations to be banished by this one: constant entanglement of wires when I bike with my headset, and the consequent poor sound quality since I won’t risk pulling the cords of nice headphones. Also, the annoyance and potential safety issue of pulling my phone out of my pocket while in the lab (let alone while biking). As an added bonus, I’ll hopefully be rid of the subliminally frustrating AC buzz at work. As far as I can tell these ‘phones are as close to everything I need as I can get at present: the audio quality is top notch, and the noise cancelling noticeably reduces background. The microphone seems pretty good too. The only downsides are that the dongle doesn’t eliminate wires completely and has to be attached somewhere, plus the fact that I have to connect to my computer either as headphones only or as a headset with poor sound quality (for calling). Annoying, but as far as I can tell inevitable for at present.

Once again, in need of a shine or ten.

Item #2, a pair of Vernons from Allen Edmonds. What is there to say? I love the heck out of my Strands for being super versatile and looking great. The idea behind these was something slightly sleeker and more striking, without being contemporary. The lighter brown should go well with my new glen plaid suit, and with my branching out into lighter trousers in general. With all that said, I probably would have held off had they not been on sale… Have only worn them briefly as I’m considering going down half a size, but they fit wonderfully.

Rome demands more gaming time!

And finally, as promised, item #3 is my very own copy of Glory to Rome. Can’t wait to play it.


Written by Martin

2012/10/06 at 22:57

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  1. You always present such a good case for each item. I say get it all just cause you deserve them!!!!!!!!
    Shoes totally amazing


    2012/10/06 at 23:26

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