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Board gaming weekend, part 1

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A friend from work had invited me along to a “board gaming convention” at someone’s house in the Garden State, which unsurprisingly ended up being a terrific way to spend half a weekend.

It wasn’t really a convention, at least to my mind. More of a bunch of gamers bringing a bunch of games to the house of Ed and his wife Stephanie, who most graciously provided a wealth of food, drinks and snacks. Not to mention four cute dogs and the coolest house I’ve seen in a good while (he even had a secret office behind a swinging bookcase!). All in all an extraordinary host. And though I was surprised that most of the participants were from my parents’ generation, they were a thoroughly enjoyable group of people. Add in exposure to a bunch of sweet new games and there’s no way I wouldn’t have a great time.

New games eh? New to me anyway, and why don’t I tell you briefly about each of them in case they’re new to you too (people disinterested in board games can stop reading now):

Glory to Rome is a card game that kind of strikes me as a mix of Race For The Galaxy and Puerto Rico. It revolves around cards drawn from a common deck, which can be used in multiple ways: during your turn you either Think to draw cards from the deck, or Lead by playing one of the cards from your hand and assuming the role on the card (e.g. a Labourer which nets you resources, or a Craftsman that spends these to build buildings). The similarity to Puerto Rico comes from the fact that your opponents get a chance to Follow your lead by playing an equivalent card and thus taking the same action. Because each card represents both a role, a building and a resource which come into play depending on how and when the card is played, it’s a bit of a mouthful at first to wrap your head around the interactions in your hand and formulate a strategy from these. But once used to this you should be rewarded with some serious replayability. This negates my main objection to Puerto Rico, that there often seems to be a clear choice of action, while also giving you a little longer to form a strategy than in Race. I only got a single game of Glory to Rome in, but liked it enough that I’ve ordered copy for myself.

Well, it’s getting late and I have an extended date with the Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer tomorrow, so stay tuned for board gaming weekend part 2, wherein I’ll review Cosmic Encounter, Kingdom Builder and King of Tokyo.


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2012/09/30 at 22:20

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