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Last week I happened to tally my Ben & Jerry’s experiences and realized that there were only 14 (dairy) flavors I hadn’t yet sampled, so I halfway decided to make it through the entire range before heading home. My next trip to Wegman’s provided me Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Caramel Fudge, at which point I promptly decided that life is too short to eat crappy ice cream for some arbitrary accomplishment. So when Sara decided to substitute some locally made monstrosity for the pint of B&J’s she owed me I wasn’t at all displeased (even though it tastes pretty bad).

Yeah, they’ll pretty much put it in anything over here.

Anyway, returning to the original subject: my favorite flavor is probably Phish Food, just because those fudge fish are so intensely delicious and the ingredients generally complement each other well. Runners up include Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and perhaps S’Mores. So yeah, all three have fudge, but I promise that they’re really very different! It’s not quite as simple to name the worst flavor(s), but I’m going to go with the two that made me drop the whole endeavor on account of their unpleasant artificiality. Banana Split was pretty unconvincing as well, and in general the flavors that tried to imitate some other dessert were less rewarding than those that merely incorporated elements from such. The award for most surprising has to go to Chubby Hubby, which despite being bought as a joke ranks quite highly in my (nonexistent) list. Snide individuals might comment on fudge being one of the ingredients, but in truth the salty pretzels just work well to emphasize the sweeter flavors (just like slightly salty caramel or toffee).

Of course I’m not saying that I won’t be digging into any more B&J’s, but the completist ice cream quest is now officially declared over.

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2012/09/21 at 08:11

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