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In case anyone was wondering, yes, in this case fewer posts actually does mean fewer adventures. A bit of a pity, but I’m nearing the end of the Ph.D. and thus entering into ‘get shit done’ territory.

That said, I did make a trip down to DC this Saturday, originally for a festival, a concert and just some good times.  The festival was on H street, apparently a pretty sprightly part of the otherwise muted and morose capital. Lots of bars, lots of restaurants, lots of life. Sadly we were a bit retarded in leaving Baltimore (partly my fault for going to aikido and work in the morning) and by the time we got to DC it was supposed to be pretty much over. So we instead proceeded straight to the good times, popping open a couple of bottles of cheap champagne on the lawn in front of the White House and throwing down to Snoop Dogg.

I’m surprised they let you do this

We moved the good times across town to H street (that festival hadn’t been over at five, by the way) and into Biergarten Haus which, despite the clumsy name, turned out to be a pretty authentic experience: big communal tables in the yard out back, lots of Munich beers (Maß-sized) and of course my beloved schweinshaxe:

All will be consumed for great justice

Concert was right next door, featuring a neat new band Sara introduced me to, plus some unnamed warmup act that turned out to be pretty nice. Small venue, pretty good sound and nice performances for both of them: definitely not bad, but in the end I was confirmed in my cognizance that concerts really don’t do much for me. To digress slightly, I think I enjoy music mostly to accentuate other experiences and get restless when I try to focus on it exclusively (just as I do for movies). Anyway, nice band and a solid though unsurprising performance; the scene was set for more good times, or so it seemed until one of my friends eloped with the lead singer of the band (solid move, though) and the other one eloped with the passkey for the hostel. I know it’s doable to boldly stepping into the night with the expectation of crashing somewhere random, but in this case I took the cowardly/reasonable way out and went back to the hostel. Which probably made for a much more enjoyable Sunday at work.


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