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Blue Moon

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This image is totally photoshopped.

Yesterday I discovered the etymology of the term ‘blue moon’, on account of it being just that (for the last time before 2015). For those who share my previous ignorance, it’s when you have two full moons in a single month. A big deal! So despite having made no effort to watch the first full moon in August, nor any other for that matter, I decided that this called for a celebration. More specifically, it called for drinking Blue Moons on the roof while watching the blue moon, and then sometime during the night (when my fasting was over) heading to the Blue Moon Cafe. In the end we never did that last part, on account of not wanting to go and pay for food we didn’t actually want; but then some might argue that whole affair was something of a put-on to begin with.


Written by Martin

2012/09/01 at 12:23

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  1. I just learnedI that fact last night
    It was a beautiful moon we had clear skies in brooklyn


    2012/09/01 at 13:58

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