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The Aquarium

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So on my fourth visit to Baltimore I finally visit the somewhat renowned National Aquarium. It’s not like there’s a ton of competition for sights in Baltimore, but one always hears that the aquarium is one of the best while being somewhat overpriced ($30). I suppose that the latter, along with a sense of ‘I can always do that’, is why I didn’t go until my roommate Greg offered some ‘Tomorrow only” free tickets. And I’m glad he did.

Where sharks go to relax

Being free and spur-of-the-moment I hadn’t raised my expectations very high, which probably saved me from disappointment once again. It’s a pretty good aquarium, with a decent number of tanks, good layout and nice environments in the tanks. They have an impressive number of big fish (sharks, rays, carangidae), and the themed sections for different regions were nicely done. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the textual displays, but I did learn that red fish are often nocturnal since red is hard to pick out in dim light.

Attempts to turn fish into princes are on hold until a more satisfactory princess can be found

They had a couple of pseudo-outdoors terrestrial exhibits that incorporated birds and amphibians, including a nice one on Australia. A surprising finale was their Jellyfish Invasion exhibit: a simple affair, with perhaps a half-score minimalistic tanks full of cnidarians, that was nevertheless both informative and nicely ambient. This inspired Pete to consider an aquarium with jellies instead of fish and neon illumination, an idea that will most certainly be investigated further. It also inspired me to go diving in a dead zone, though this was most likely just the culmination of the whole place making me crave some scuba action. I’ll have to see what can be done about that in the near future…

That’s a real bird. For serious.


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2012/08/31 at 20:44

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  1. We love these photos! Although a spur-of-the-moment visit, we’re so glad to have exceeded your expectations! Thanks for taking the time out to share your experience at our Baltimore venue with others. Also, diving in a dead zone would be an incredible experience … we hope you can make it happen!

    National Aquarium

    2012/09/11 at 11:23

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