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This Sunday I was making éclairs to bring for “tea time” at work, an in appropriately named affair that typically features chips, fruit and several types of cakes/cookies (and a pot of tea or two). Being me I opted to bake rather than buy, going for quality over quantity in terms of cake selection. I cooked up and glazed the ~40 puff pastries without any trouble, as since George had recently purchased one of these I figured that filling them would be a breeze. The intelligent reader will of course have predicted that this hypothesis turned out to be false, and all because I decided to add some puréed blueberries to the cream for extra tastiness.

Alas, in my trial run particulate matter ended up clogging the pressurized dispenser and rendering it impotent at best. There was the occasional undersized squirt of blueberry whipped cream, but both consistency and production rate were entirely unsatisfactory. I needed the canister the next day so I had to get the pressurized pint of blueberry whipped cream out somehow. The only feasible option was to carefully unscrew the top of the canister, hopefully letting out the pressure gradually before opening it completely. That’s sort of what happened: Decompression

…but the exact opening rate still needs some fine-tuning. In short, blueberry goo went  everwhere: on cupboards, walls, couches, floor, ceiling, me… except that, I kid you not, not a single drop went on the éclairs standing right next to the canister. Although it came off most surfaces without problems I will have to paint the ceiling in the near future.

The éclairs were delicious, however.

Bleuet/canelle éclair, voila!


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2012/07/31 at 20:02

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  1. That looks totally worth the mess it made… And in any rate the video was hilarious^^

  2. […] that picture on Wikipedia and couldn’t resist sticking it in here (especially in light of my previous cooking incident). Anyway, the story is that George wants to deep fry some fries and pierogis, and to minimize waste […]

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