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For the past three days I’ve had one of my best friends from Denmark visiting me. What I like about this is that it challenges me to condense the Baltimore experience down to just three evenings, cutting to the core of its quirkiness and traditions while also offering good times. The downside is of course being super tired all week from the non-stop work/party cycle. But then another upside was spending time with my friend, so all in all it’s win.

When he came Monday we immediately popped down to Ryleigh’s for some $1 oysters and beer, then on to the brand new home of Baltimore’s hippest craft brewery. Being at this point well beyond tipsy, I insisted that we drive past the two blocks of solid strip clubs next to police headquarters, after which we somehow decided to stop at Royal Farms for some fried chicken. Revelry followed naturally once we got home, with the other roommates joining in for drinks, late night snacking, gender-inappropriate application of pink nail polish and spontaneously running a mile down the main road to see who was fastest/toughest (I won a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, lost a pint of beer). The next night was Maryland crab, then a salsa party at Red Maple and some more Baltimore classic brew at Brewer’s Art, while Wednesday was the Fell’s Point classics:  Kap-Dwa the two-headed giant, a great low-key restaurant, Baltimore’s prime Scotch bar and some random neighborhood bar. Then home for beers and snacks.

So yeah, I’m pretty beat today. Why don’t I just show some random pictures?

World Famous. Not that great though.

It takes a real man to wear pink

This guy is about to put the hurt on something.

It also takes a real man to eat a banana while wearing sunglasses at night.

Oh, by the way: that Ben & Jerry’s I had in the freezer? Half a pint left.


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2012/07/26 at 21:31

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