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By now it’s been more than a month since I left the United States, but since we’ve only just closed the book on the year of the yang metal tiger it doesn’t feel entirely inappropriate to conclude the blog at this point in time. For anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog without having followed it, it’s been a recount my adventures and experiences during a year spent working in Baltimore. Some things might not make sense if you don’t know my, but I’m sure you can appreciate my tales and wit. I would recommend that you start from the beginning though, if you plan to make heads and tails of things.

The last few weeks after I returned from the road trip were pretty intense, with a ton of experiments and paperwork to finish up before heading home. There have been good things and bad, but overall it’s been a great experience (why didn’t I go on exchange before I graduated?). Getting all my stuff back was quite a challenge, and one that I only overcame through serendipity, generous assistance from my friends and a good deal of toil during the trip. Well, more or less overcame in any case; Ihad to leave my hobo outfit and Halloween costume behind, sniff.

Not enough space!

So now it’s the year of the yang metal rabbit, which as far as I know should mean a year with lots of beauty and aesthetics. Sounds nice (maybe a good time to get a new girlfriend?), but it comes with a need for calm and safety, a return to things well-known and a departure from adventures, unpredictability and zeal. Appropriate for going back home I suppose, but I can’t say that I like the thought of the cosmos forcing me to turn things down a notch. Good thing I don’t believe in the stuff.

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2011/02/11 at 15:36

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