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Road Trip days 22-28: Los Angeles, part III

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I have a potentially superfluous confession to make: it’s been three months since the trip now, and things are starting to get a little bit fuzzy. I still remember the awesome Korean barbecue, the highly shady Russian car mechanic and really really having to pee by the time we left Olmeda street. I just don’t quite recall what happened first, nor my state of mind at the time. So these last posts are a bit heavier on the pictures that I’m increasingly using to organize my memories, and a bit lighter on rambling prolixity. Less philosophy, more photography.

I haven’t lost it completely, however, and remember rather well the evening we spent at the farmer’s market and the adjacent outdoor shopping plaza, which came complete with Christmas decorations (it was early November, after all) and a slightly silly streetcar that could ease the journey from one end of the complex to the other (about 200 meters).

Christmas comes early

How do you spend an evening at the farmer’s market? Well, first you promenade around to check out all the stands. A few butchers and produce-peddlers, a couple of bakers, and a store selling a gazillion different kinds of hot sauce; mostly, though,we saw rows and rows of street food and snack vendors. Then, you buy a snack from one of these stalls (crystallized ginger, in this case) and saunter about while you eat it (or try it and put it in the garbage, in this case). Repeat step 2 until full, bored or out of money.

One little piggy...

We had a lot of fun that night, with Vietnamese appetizers, Brazilian churrasco and that most Californian of desserts, the froyo. We also managed to rectify the fact that we’d failed to find any cornbread for my friend to try. I’d call it a complete success if not for the particularly annoying fellow at one of the bakeries, who flat out refused to sell me one of his rugelachs. “They’re old, I don’t want to sell them,” he said. I told him that I didn’t mind, to no avail. “I don’t want you to get a bad impression,” he said. Grrr, why do you have out for display then?! I toured the area in search of another source of rugelach, but this guy clearly had a monopoly. I eventually returned and settled on some kind of cookie, but would you believe that he unashamedly refused to sell me that one either! Someone needs to teach that guy a thing or two about salesmanship…


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2011/02/08 at 05:24

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  1. AHHH PINKBERRY after my trip to LA I was a Pinkoholic-but truthfully I have tried many other brands and I still like them the best!


    2011/02/08 at 17:27

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