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Road trip days 25-26: Sequoia National Park

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After a few days in the city we headed out on the road again, driving North on Highway 1, AKA Pacific Coast highway, towards the giant trees at Sequoia National Park. We got a late start due to some car hassles, and therefore didn’t make to the really gorgeous side-of-a-cliff segments like Big Sur, but nonetheless got a very positive impression of the California landscape. In addition to shaking things up now and then, plate tectonics creates a lovely array of hills and mountains, and the longitudinal layout of the the state teams up with such changes in elevation to produce a very varied climate. To be honest, this last sentence reminds me of the adage “a picture with worth a thousand words”, so here you go:

The Golden State

Speaking of a varied climate, it was pretty weird to have been on the beach the day before, and then suddenly finding yourself in a snow-covered winter wonderland…


The sequoias were unrealistically big. With their striking red bark and mismatched size-scale they reminded me of cartoon trees photoshopped into view. Or, dare I say, Feralas. Cartoonish or not, it was truly astounding.


The largest sequoia, and indeed the largest tree in the world, is General Sherman. I couldn’t quite decide whether to expect something ridonculous or just a marginal increase over the already gargantuan sequoias scattered all over the park. It turned out to be the former… 84 meters tall, 31 meters around at the base and weighing in at more than 6000 tonnes, this thing is a monster. Those are huge pine trees around it in the photo, and little teensy tiny people.

General Sherman was the biggest of the bunch

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2011/02/02 at 06:37

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