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Road Trip day 21: Vegas

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We left the Grand Canyon as the sun began to set, and arrived in Las Vegas that same evening. Encouraged by the mass-media, I was pretty hyped about the whole thing, and my excitement wasn’t exactly dulled by seeing all the bright lights and extravagant casinos, not by being invited into a stretch limo by some tattooed chick. We exited the interstate early to take in the full length of Las Vegas boulevard, before arriving at our Circus-themed casino hotel (of possible Fear & Loathing fame). A much needed shower later and we were out the door to the Bright Lights City.

A recreation of The Hangover would have been fun, but not really practical in light of our planned departure the next day. Don’t worry, we did go out for drinking, gambling and general debauchery, though by the end of the night I can’t say that I was particularly impressed. The casinos were truly remarkable: the sights of the world rendered in neon and packed onto a single street. Cannons firing, volcanoes erupting, and the ludicrous Luxor light-beam visible from miles away. But once you got inside, they all had the same endless sea of slot machines and poker tables; no togas in Caesar’s Palace, no pirates in Treasure Island, no pharaohs at the Luxor. Granted I’m not a gambler by heart, but they really didn’t make the experience very appealing. And the place was entirely focused on spending money. Nice shopping arcades (love the Venetian’s), overpriced shops. Strippers galore, $15 entrance fees. Plenty of booze to help you handle the madness, at a cost. Win big, lose bigger. Color me a square, but I couldn’t really get into it.

Light up the night

Bored with the standard Vegas fare, we instead tried to hunt down the top choice for gourmet burgers in Sin City. Before we arrived my partner been having about a place he’d gone to in Amsterdam, and it seemed like they had a restaurant in Vegas as well. Given that he had repeatedly claimed that it was the best burger he ever had I was pretty pumped for that as well, until we found out that it wasn’t really the Amsterdam chain. There did seem to be a number of high quality burger joints available though, and our intermittent fasting made it entirely feasible to try a whole bunch of them. We started out at Stripburger, where I had an effing good blue cheese and bacon burger and a delicious spiked butterscotch shake. A good start, but the follow through was decidedly lackluster. We set out on foot, headed for the Burger Bar despite its lack of Dutch origins, but managed to arrive five minutes after they had closed (who closes in Vegas?!). On the way there we’d stopped by Bradley Ogden’s at Caesars to confirm that they’d be open till four, but when we returned at a quarter to they had closed regardless. All in all we spent the latter half of the night walking from one burger place to the next without ever getting a burger with goat’s cheese and grilled portobello mushroom, and in the end ended up at Subway just to get something to eat.

You win some, you lose some.


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2011/01/07 at 14:33

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