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Road Trip days 20-21: Grand Canyon

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If I had to point to a single ‘best’ experience on the trip, this would be it. Truly a natural wonder that everyone should make the effort to see for themselves.

Aside from the 75% increase in gas prices as we approached the national park, the most noteworthy part of getting there was how close you could get without really noticing the canyon. We were driving along the South rim, perhaps a hundred feet from the edge but not noticing anything aside from a peculiar emptiness behind the trees on our left. Then, suddenly, we see this:


I took about a hundred pictures trying to get that one shot that really summed up the experience, but ultimately failed; it’s simply not possible to capture the vastness of the Grand Canyon in a photo. Once I realized this I was free to fool around with other motifs, and promptly produced the album cover of my companion’s second solo album:

Solo Album Cover #2

We hung around the edge for hours, walking back and forth a bit and just looking out into the canyon. True, it’s not like there was much else to do, but it would have been worth the time in any case. As an added bonus, this let us see the canyon by a different light, which had a rather profound effect on the view:

A different shade of red

Once the sun had set there wasn’t anything to see of course, but as a pleasant surprise there turned out to be a seminar on astronomy arranged by the rangers, with a talk and some outdoors action to boot. Funny thing too, since I’d been talking about learning to recognize more constellations just the day before. Apparently they have such seminars every night, on subjects ranging from astronomy to the history of native Americans in the area. Great service, says I.

On the second day we hiked down the Kaibab trail, getting about halfway to the bottom on the canyon before we had to turn back. Fun to get a different perspective on the place, and if one had the time it would be great to get all the way down to the Colorado river. In our case, however, we needed to be in Vegas that same evening, so about four hours of hiking would have to do.

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2011/01/05 at 16:49

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