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Road Trip days 19-20: Arizona

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New Mexico had been a bit strange, though undeniably alluring. Arizona on the other hand, was exactly the kind of desert one would expect from the American Southwest. Even though it meant missing the petrified forest, I had made sure to have our route pass by Saguaro national park.


Even though the saguaro cactus is probably the archetype of its prickly kin, it’s actually only found in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, plus a couple of places in Cali and Mexico. The national park near Tucson had hundreds of them, sprawled over miles of hilly desert. They grow to be rather huge (saw a 5m one there), but it takes decades for them to do so; all the ones with arms would have retired had they been human beings. Like many wonders of nature, however, they’re pretty sensitive to changing environments. Too cold and they start dying, occasionally assuming the shape of giant robots in the process:


We wanted to get some Mexican food in Tucson, ended up having some temporal complications (long story). Our gain, perhaps, for on the way out we happened upon a restaurant that had been recommended to us by four independent friends and acquaintances. Most widely recommended restaurant, actually. And it’s not even a restaurant, to be honest. I am speaking of the In-n-Out burger chain, a fast food place serves burgers, fries and drinks. And cheeseburgers. And Double Double burgers with two patties and double cheese. That’s it, pretty much. Hyped much? They certainly weren’t outstanding in the grand scheme of burgers, but the patties were alright, accessories plentiful and the Double Doubles cost like $3.

Double Double

We then headed north towards that acclaimed hole in the ground, by way of the Red Rock scenic byway in Sedona (another one of my researched scenic spot). It was indeed a scenic drive, and I thought the red mountains were pretty impressive. Of course that’s mainly because we were driving North, towards the Canyon, and therefore still had some awe left for colored mountains. Always watch the movie before reading the book, right?

Red Rock. Literally.


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2011/01/01 at 18:11

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