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Road Trip: A memorable night

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I don’t remember exactly when the following events took place. I think it was probably while we were going through Mississippi, but in any case it does not really matter.

What I can say with confidence is that we were driving through forest roads looking for a campsite where we could spend the night. It was long after dark; the winding roads made a mockery of our headlights, and the moon had plain given up. Anything beyond the first line of trees was inky blackness. We hadn’t passed another car, let alone a person, for several hours. Each time the King of Leon paused between songs, we were beset by a profound not-quite-silence: other than the thrum of our engine there wasn’t a recognizable sound to be heard, and yet the promise of bustling activity was inexplicably audible from the darkness. It was downright ethereal, until we turned a corner and found a possum trying to stare down our headlights.


“Stupid ass possum.”

“Should we go back to make sure it’s dead? Maybe bury it.”

“Nah, it’s too late now, let’s just keep going.”

“Alright. It would be the right thing to do though.”

“Fuck it, we’re going back.”

We swung the car around at the next driveway and kept our eyes peeled as we headed back through the darkness whence we came. At first we did not manage to locate the victim of our battery, but after we had turned the car around to retrace our steps once more I spotted what might have been a red smear on the asphalt. We pulled off the road as soon as we could, and with my flashlight in hand headed back on foot. As soon as we stepped out of the vehicle, we could hear several dogs barking in the distance. We were very careful as we made the trek towards the suspected spot, mindful that if another car came hurtling down the unilluminated road we might well end up joining the possum in the Great Beyond. The barking dogs never abated, and by the time we reached what was indeed a red smear they seemed to be rather close. And indeed, as we stood there wondering why there was no carcass on the road, we soon glimpsed a pack of canines running around behind the fence of the neighboring property. A bit unsettling on such an eerie night, but nothing compared to our alarm when the dogs ran right past the clearly incomplete fence and started down the road towards us. Needless to say we bolted, becoming cognizant during our sprint back to the car of the fate likely suffered by the remains of the possum.

It was a memorable night, and that’s without even mentioning the campsite that we eventually found…


Written by Martin

2010/12/12 at 19:10

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  1. Wow that was close!


    2010/12/12 at 19:14

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