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Brief intermission in the road trip posts, just to show off some new stuff. Since I’m going home soon, I’m trying to buy everything I’ll need in the near future here (at least the stuff that won’t take up too much space in my suitcase). Most recently I got a rash guard:

Never get a rash again, with the Manto Meia Baiana rash guard!

What the hell is a rash guard? Something you wear for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts to prevent rash burn from the mat, infections from the opponent, and just plain getting sweaty. It’s like UnderArmour, but tougher.

I also got, boots!

No rashes on my feet either, thanks to the Vasque Wasatch hiking boots!

Will certainly need these when going back to Danish weather. Aside from these two items, I also got an SD card, some RAM for my computer and most of my Christmas presents. All at around 50% of Danish prices, hooray!

Written by Martin

2010/12/02 at 01:56

Posted in New toys

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