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Road Trip Day 1: Washington DC

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At 3am on October 16th, I picked up my travelling companion at the bus station. Back at the Mystery Mansion, we celebrated his arrival to America in the most appropriate manner: by consuming three or four boxes of sugar-loaded cereal between us. With this (literally) under our belts, we commenced to clean the interior of the car and load up our luggage. I donned my road trip Converse and off we went towards our first stop: the District of Columbia!

Ready to go!

I’ve talked about DC before, so I won’t spend time describing it again. Suffice to say the weather was great, the Mall majestic and the museums impressive. I also had my worst meal of the entire trip, a Mushroom & Swiss Angus Third-Pounder at McDonald’s.  Probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but Mickey D’s attempt to ride the Angus wave is as crappy as their regular selection; I saw several more or less positive reviews while scrounging up the link above, and can only conclude that the authors were American and probably mildly deranged. The mushrooms were flavorless pieces of rubber, the mayo was excessive and the cheese nondescript. The meat was vaguely better than usual, but the whole thing still gave you that stuffy feeling of having consumed cardboard fried in trans fat and salt.

Well, enough ranting about that. Overall DC was super, and I’ll share a few random shots for good measure.

Neo-classicism for great justice!

Plantissimus Birdalicus

Arcimboldo's revenge


Written by Martin

2010/11/17 at 02:35

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  1. Nice! Now I know a bit more about Giuseppe Arcimboldo than I did before (Kp>1/x,x->∞).

    ché Gobhar

    2010/11/17 at 13:32

    • Should’ve read Kp∞


      ché Gobhar

      2010/11/17 at 13:32

  2. Curses! Can’t get the glyphs right! K sub p is less than one over x as x goes to infinity.

    ché Gobhar

    2010/11/17 at 13:33

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