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Managed to get one more package before taking off for the trip, this one in a distinctly shoeboxy shape.

Allen Edmonds, it says. So it wasn’t a great surprise that it contained the dark brown Strand shoes I’d tried on in NYC this weekend. Full brogue captoe oxfords, with medallion. I’d thought of getting them in walnut instead, which is honestly a better looking shoe, but given that I tend to always wear dark pants, it would be a lot less versatile.

They’re in need of a shine of course (or 50, to get some really nice patina), and definitely some breaking in. But overall I must say that I’m quite pleased; they appear a bit darker in person, which is just as well for aforementioned reasons. Here’s a shot in their natural habitat:


(New camera -> focal point on jeans = fail. Out of battery now though, so this will have to do.)


I have a couple more packages coming, but they’ll have to wait around until I get back.

Written by Martin

2010/10/15 at 14:04

Posted in New toys

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  1. Hi Shiny: Great footwear, I was for a long time a serious fan of Allen Edmonds and would get a new pair every now and then whenever back in the city. Working on Wall Street at the time, I generally ended up getting black, though some of the hotshots in the office had some really nice deeply burnished browns, that look of special-edition bespoke shoes from the 9th floor of Brooks Brothers where mere mortals like me feared to tread…! Later I discovered Tony Lama western boots, and was pleased to learn that Tony Lama is owned by Warren Buffet.


    2010/11/29 at 18:54

  2. […] poor sound quality (for calling). Annoying, but as far as I can tell inevitable for at present. Once again, in need of a shine or […]

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