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I’d ordered some shirts from my tailor there a while ago, but I’d sort of forgotten about it, so this came as an unexpected surprise.  I’d originally ordered 3 shirts, but one fabric was out of stock, so I guess they finished these two while I was considering a replacement. I got one white with black windowpane, and one white with brown, yellow and light blue stripes. Both straight collar, single button cuffs, french front and button sleeve, no pocket:

Both are twill, which is easily my favorite weave. The sheen and softness are just so nice. And I was never one for particularly conservative looks, so I’ve get to get excited about a unicolor Oxford or the like. Of course this won’t work for all patterns, but for most it looks wonderful. Case in point (in the warm evening light):

I’ve pretty much entirely stopped buying shirts off the rack by now. Whenever I try one on it seems to fit like a sack compared to the ones from Jantzen, which is of course not surprising when the latter has been tailored specifically for me. But when the price is similar and quality is higher from Jantzen, what would be the point? Ok, I have to wait a few weeks like this, and rely on small sample pictures for fabric, but did I mention that they don’t fit like a sack? Perhaps not so much a slim fit now that I’ve lost weight from intermittent fasting, but that can be remedied as desired. Here’s one of the new ones, with the handicaps of being crumpled in transit and me having to contort to take the picture (EDIT: and the picture being garbage. Sorry about that):


Written by Martin

2010/10/13 at 11:44

Posted in New toys

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  1. NICE THREADS !!!!!


    2010/10/13 at 18:46

    • Thanks 🙂
      I liked them enough to order four more. No word from Ricky yet, but as long as they get here before Christmas I’ll be happy.


      2010/10/14 at 17:25

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