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If today’s hit music was made in an early-80s synthesizer, what should we expect for the next couple of years?

Of course, if I knew that I’d be rich (or about to be), but humor me anyway. So, based on a very simplistic chronological and sociological analysis, my wishful thinking has come up with… Billy Idol, of the future!

Billy Idol... of the future?

And yes, I realize that the above image is Powerman 5000, not Billy Idol. Like I said, humor me. And no, I don’t really mean a Billy Idol-revival either. It’s more a general idea of a revival of the gloomy, depressed hedonism of Idol, Bowie, Blade Runner… a Generation XXX, if you will (Good lord, how trite was last bit?). “It’s all shit, let’s dance”, but without the optimism of rave, and more introspection than the current “Whatever, let’s dance.

Well, it’s just a thought. And full of banality, really. But let’s see; I know I’d buy it for a dollar.

Written by Martin

2010/10/06 at 15:02

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