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Camera test, part 2

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Well, I should be blogging about the conference I was at all week. But that’ll be a lot of work, plus I’m waiting for some pictures from the event to be circulated. So for now, some more photos with my new camera. These are me fooling around with some of the ‘art filters’ of the camera; I’m sure these gimmicky settings will get old real fast, but for now I’m enjoying the experimentation.

Pinhole effect

Despite being ‘cheap’, some of the effects you get out of the filters can look quite good. You could do the same in Photoshop for sure, but this is easier.

Pop art

This one was fun too. Saw a building with interesting color contrast, decided to emphasize that through the roof and see what happened.

Written by Martin

2010/09/26 at 18:05

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