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Victory by default

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As I mentioned in a previous post, the Baltimore parking officers like to give you tickets whenever they can, even if you’re not really in an illegal spot. Inconceivable! I said, and requested a court date to resolve the matter (and in the meantime accrued two more tickets in the same spot).

District Court of Maryland, Courtroom 6

Today I finally went to court (for the first ticket, other two are pending), armed with photographs, a copy of the city code and some papers to read while waiting. Along with ~70 other possible deviants, I shuffled into the courtroom and took a seat. As I say there going over my legal arguments, two things became apparent. First, most of the people there had very little understanding as to the purpose of the court. An example: “You don’t understand, I live in the neighborhood and there was nowhere to park!”. Secondly, most of the cases were in fact not solved by going over the case at hand. Rather, they were quickly resolved by either the defendant or the relevant traffic officer being absent, which eventually happened in my case as well.

At the advice of a colleague, I had prudently requested the presence of the officer who gave me the ticket. Aside from being a “screw you” to that trigger-happy antagonist, this meant that if he/she didn’t show, I’d automatically win the case. As it was spoken, so it came to be: L. Davis was nowhere to be found, and I don’t have to pay the $32 ticket. The only downside is that I still don’t know whether the court would agree that parking in said spot is legal, but I guess maybe I’ll find out next time.

Court is in session (well, almost)


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2010/09/09 at 20:19

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