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This past weekend I spent at Electric Zoo in NYC. It’s an electronic music festival on Randall’s Island that was featuring some quite impressive names this year. The location was pretty great for me, as I could do a nice forty five minute walk in the sun while everyone else was crowding into event buses. Plus, walking to an event and observing the gradually increasing density of people who are obviously going to the same place you are is lots of fun (though nothing beats SENSATION in this regard).

Because we - are - your friends...

It was set up as four tents and a big stage scattered around a grassy lawn, with plenty of food vendors and miscellaneous around the site.  This had the distinct advantage that you could easily move from one show to the other if a given DJ turned out to be less smoking than expected, and simultaneous catch a nice breeze to contrast the ‘2000 dancing people in a tent’ climate that otherwise dominated. And, indeed, there were several surprises in the quality of performances, especially on the first day. Axwell rocked the house as expected, and The Chemical Brothers were nothing but pro. But aside from the latter, the main stage was pretty disappointing on Saturday. Major Lazer and Benny Benassi weren’t very interesting, and ATB was downright crappy. On the other hand, this just meant that I got introduced to a bunch of DJs I hadn’t heard before, of which Fake Blood and Rusko were particularly good (although the latter was mostly dubstep).'ll - never be alone again,

Sunday was a lot better musically (which is saying something!). Dancing around for like 11 hours the day before meant that I skipped some of the early artists, arriving just as the big shots started taking the main stage. I caught the end of Laidback Luke’s set, which was good, and was then very pleasantly surprised by Moby. His own music is pretty mellow, and I can’t say that I’m a huge fan. But here he was totally in tune with the crowd, and going nuts all over the stage to boot. Kudos! After that Boys Noize literally blasted my mind right out of my body, figuratively speaking. Extremely well-mixed set of his own excellent music, and extremely loud; the bass made my clothes continuously vibrate against my body and after a while I didn’t bother trying to think at all. Fedde le Grand was next, and although his set was totally tight, it didn’t quite draw you in as much as the previous ones. I took the chance to check out a couple of good DJs in the other tents, on Sunday at least, the main stage was where it was at, so it wasn’t long before I returned there.

so come on! come on!

Armin van Buuren finished things off Sunday, and his performance was… epic. Not really my favorite style, but it was a pretty suitable way to end things. Not bad though, and I bet it would have been better if you were high. Which I guess bears mentioning, at least: partying with people on ecstasy isn’t half bad actually, simply because they’re all having a fantastic time and are excessively friendly. On Saturday I’d gone with a friend, but when she’d left for Connecticut on Sunday I didn’t have any problems making new ones (of which only half were on drugs). Would get old quick I suppose, when you don’t partake, but for now it was fun. My only regret is that I postponed getting a rhino t-shirt because I didn’t want to carry it around, and when I finally went they were sold out (no, I would not like an antelope instead, wtf?).


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2010/09/07 at 20:58

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