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Yesterday I accidentally found out what the white stuff in the middle of Oreo’s is made of. Not a particularly difficult feat, to be sure, and one that I’m not happy to have accomplished; the nature of the sugar lard was one of those rare things that I had hoped would remain a mystery until the end of time (my time, at least). Alas, it was not to be, and the question is now whether this will decrease my liking of America’s Favorite Cookie… For the good of mankind, I will not reveal this most erudite piece of information. Pursue it at your own peril.


Written by Martin

2010/09/03 at 16:33

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  1. Oh Crap!!!!!!


    2010/09/03 at 16:51

  2. Speaking of which, I tried a box of Newman O’s (which is what led to the disaster) yesterday. Certainly they’re a healthier option to the regular Oreo, and the taste is a lot more natural. You can actually tell that there’s cocoa in the black part. Whether I like that or not, I’m not sure.


    2010/09/03 at 16:53

    • Well, I pursued and I cant’s say I found anything surprising or particularly gross so I’m thinking the truth is still out there…


      2010/09/08 at 04:43

  3. Tell me? 🙂


    2010/09/11 at 07:06

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