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So, I have accepted my colleague Takashi-san’s challenge of living like a boxer this week, at least in terms of getting up early in the morning to do roadwork (AKA running).  To be fair, I don’t believe that he actually articulated this challenge; in all likelihood, I came up with it myself and then accepted his unspoken challenge. But history is written by the victors, so petty details like that won’t matter in the long run.

Suitable picture blatantly stolen from Google image search.

The conditions are that I will get up at dawn each day this week and run to work. It’s quite 3 miles, so the distance isn’t too bad even for a non-runner like me, but the fact that it’s hilly and that I have to carry my backpack full of clothes and stuff makes it something of an ordeal. As of day 1, though, I’m optimistic. The challenge might actually be upgraded to running home as well, given that I have no car here now. And I’m taking the chance to try a variation on my intermittent fasting regime, putting an eating window in the middle of the day (7 to 19) instead of making it calendar days, since, yeah, I’d get pretty darn hungry running twice a day on an empty stomach. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Update 1: Day 1 wasn’t too bad. The run back was actually easier, but then I didn’t have my backpack. I have realized, however, that a 12 hour eating window in the middle of the day isn’t intermittent fasting at all, more like regular eating! So the new plan is only breakfast on fasting days, after I arrive at work; that way there’s a 24 hour period until eating breakfast on eating days, but I won’t be completely starved for the runs. Maybe not completely strict IF, but worth a try.

Update 2: Failure! Everything was going well, until my phone ran out of battery and neglected to wake me up this morning. So I didn’t get up until quarter to nine, and thus failed the challenge 😦 I’ve decided to do keep it up for the rest of the week in any case, though.


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2010/08/30 at 08:18

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