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I like to tinker, even with food. And I’m usually brave/foolhardy enough to try anything. Here are some results from my experimenting over here:

Surprisingly good combinations:

  • Smoked sturgeon on humus. Should also work for mackerel, herring and whatnot.
  • Crunchy granola in koldskål. Not as good as kammerjunkere though.
  • Honey on cream cheese. (even better with a few chopped nuts.
  • Apple butter and strongish cheese. On bread or perhaps otherwise.
  • Sour cream and spicy salsa as dressing on steamed vegetables.
  • Salted almonds and dried cranberries. Props to Morten for this one.

Less  successful experiments:

  • Soy milk on cereal. Milk is too rich.
  • Mini oreos in koldskål. Blend of flavors is just bad.
  • Brown sugar on nattou. Though it’s not much worse than the plain variety.
  • Most toppings on blueberry bagels. The sweetish blueberries just clash with things like cream cheese and onion or smoked salmon, and are overpowered by anything sweet.
  • Watermelon in my tropical-themed porridge. Banana, mango and coconut flakes were good, but the crispiness and water content of the watermelon just clashed.
  • Silkworm pupae in wontons. For presumably obvious reasons.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Written by Martin

2010/08/24 at 19:19

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  1. I’m surprised that its profitable to sell silkworm pupae instead of raising them as silkworms. Are they from a subspecies that produces poor silk?

    Che Gobar

    2010/08/24 at 19:27

    • I’m not sure. Maybe it’s simple to pop out a whole bunch of pupae, but keeping them alive and well to produce silk might be harder.
      As for the soy milk, what I have is Silk. I suppose it could be an acquired taste, like vegetable juice or pickled herring. I might try it with different cereal, but I can’t say I’m likely to buy more when this one runs out 🙂


      2010/08/24 at 19:32

  2. Soy milk in cereal is a matter of perseverance and experimentation. We found Silk to be very good, but only after trying several brands (they differ significantly in taste), and despite initial oddness, I now don’t enjoy regular milk in cereal as much.

    Che Gobar

    2010/08/24 at 19:28

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