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Yesterday I returned from four days at a family reunion on Nantucket. Our multifarious activities included such adventures as eating, dip in the pool, watch a movie, go to the beach and some fishing; utterly relaxing, which was just what the doctor ordered right now.

Aside from that, Nantucket is a peculiar island. What was once the whaling capital of the world has since turned into an entirely laid back WASP vacation spot. Coming from Baltimore, the difference was readily apparent: no black people, very few fat people, no underwear showing but plenty of sunglasses. This was clearly a very tiny slice of the demographic pie, and the fact that every house on the island is covered in aged grey shingles just emphasizes that fact.

It certainly good as a relaxing holiday, but after a not very long period of time you realize that all the boutiques aren’t really that different from the malls here in Bmore. They all sell pretty much the same things, and though it was a bit more stylish and far pricier on the island, it wasn’t really any more interesting. I refrained from joining the crowds of young’uns rallying to the bars in the evenings, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they would show a similar trend.

An amusing observation was that nearly everyone there was in vacation mode, meaning that they all assumed that they had right of way (yes, the majority were driving cars despite the fact that the island covers less than 50 square miles). It also meant that all the young people were walking around trying to look cool, and as a result there was nobody stuck in their daily life to gaze in awe at the cool people. It seemed that half the inhabits were congregated on the single shopping street at any given time, which would have been annoying but for the fact that there wasn’t anything interesting there.

It was nice, but I’m a metropolitan at heart, and would have gone absolutely insane if I had to live in a place like that. Good thing I’m neither a Nantucketer or a well-to-do WASP, then. Enjoy the sunsets and be glad that real life will be there waiting for you back home.

Sunset at Jetties beach

Written by Martin

2010/08/18 at 22:56

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  1. Really cool sunset photo, props!

    Nantucket sounds like a really interesting place–if nothing else, it’s the home of a seriously awesome juice bottling company!

    Well written little blurb, thanks for sharing it.



    2010/08/19 at 13:57

    went back to jetties today it is like swimming in the kiddie pool but nicer!


    2010/08/19 at 15:45

  3. @David: Thanks! Though it’s nothing compared to the pics on your blog. And yeah we did try some Nantucket juices; it was good, though I wasn’t in judging mode.

    @dada: Awesome. How did you like the blue bass fillets? I just fried mine with some basic spices, which wasn’t bad. Thinking of putting what I have left in some yakisoba.


    2010/08/20 at 12:35

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