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leave a comment » 20% off for back to school (wtf?), today only. And free shipping. May have just purchased 4 pairs. Update will follow on delivery.

Update 1: I was made aware that they didn’t like different shipping and billing addresses (in 8 separate emails, no less), meaning delays until I could sort that out yesterday. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update 2: The first batch have arrived! I’m still waiting for the Cat in the Hat ones, but as it turned out I did get a taste of Dr. Seuss this time around. I present to you:

Plain optical whites. Don’t I already have these? Yeah, kind of (although after a couple of raves they’re far from white at this point). But these new ones are for the upcoming road trip, where I will have all sorts of cool people I meet sign them, and thus create a dynamic souvenir.

The Who Union Jacks. Normally I don’t their fancy band-themed shoes, but these are pretty low-key; the only reference to The Who is pretty much hidden on the tongue, plus of any band, this isn’t a bad choice. As is they’re mostly a subtle variant on the straight blacks that I still haven’t gotten.

Grey Plaids, because who doesn’t love plaid? Not quite as cool as my current brown plaids, but I’m reluctant to wear those until I fix the rip that’s starting to develop. Plus black and white is more stylish, right?

And finally the bonus pair I got for no reason, Dr. Seuss Thing 2 All Stars. They’re size 6, so no chance of me wearing them. They’re alright, if not nearly as cool as the pending Cat in the Hat ones, but orange isn’t really my color anyway. I’ve already found a lucky recipient for them, though.

Update 3: The last pair have arrived! I present to you, the Cat in the Hat, on the shoe…

Très chic, n'est pas?


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2010/08/12 at 23:02

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