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I’ve developed a habit of watching movies and series on half my screen while working at the computer. I can’t honestly claim that there’s no loss in productivity when I do this, but it does make the whole process more enjoyable; if I associate work with enjoyment, I might accomplish more overall, no? Isn’t that the whole premise of Wii Fit?

In any case, at this point I’m so used to it that I usually get distracted if there’s nothing playing while I work. And if I pick a show that doesn’t require me paying too much attention, it’s not too bad really, which regrettably this rules out anything really great, or in a language I don’t understand. Speaking of not paying too much attention, my latest choice was to watch the entire series of James Bond movies, minus the parodic 1966 Casino Royale, and anything from GoldenEye onwards. To comment on the latter, I always felt the Brosnan wasn’t a bad Bond at all. Not the Bond, but not too bad. The movies he was in, however, were shite; I had no intention of wasting ANY attention on those, and the Daniel Craig ones I’d seen recently anyway.

Licensed to kill

To start off my conclusions from this endeavor, yes, Sean Connery is the real James Bond. Roger Moore doesn’t have the style (or looks) to pull off the supposedly heartthrob agent, so it just seems silly when women constantly throw themselves at him. Consequently, he can’t really pull off the charming but deadly tension that really embodies the character. To be fair, Moore is pretty good at showing Bond as a man of action, who always knows what  to do, and always does what needs to be done. To me, that’s really what embodies James Bond as an action hero. He doesn’t always succeed, but put him in a tricky situation and he’ll always come up with what to do. And when push comes to shove, he’s ruthless, discarding his treacherous girls and executing the dastardly villains who threaten Her Majesty’s England. Plus, Bond is of Scottish descent. So is Connery. Moore, not so much.

The films Moore was placed in didn’t do him any favors either. Seriously, Moonraker? Little girl meets giant monster and falls in love, in space! Featuring Drax (the Destroyer!) and the most puny lasers I’ve ever seen (just use bullet for Christ’s sake!). Brrrrr. No, the best Bond movies are the early ones. Goldfinger in particular, but Dr. No and From Russia With Love as well. There are a few surprises along the way, though. For instance, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was surprisingly good, despite being the sole George Lazenby film. Probably in the top 5 for me; the character development alone is better than any of the other films, the rest wasn’t bad, and it has Blofeld. Although I didn’t watch it this time around, GoldenEye wasn’t awful either, despite being “modern era”. Overall the Brosnan movies are still shite though (I wonder if the Craig films will end up the same way. So far it fits: Casino Royale was fantastic, Quantum of Solace was junk).

Other than that, I guess enough has been said about James Bond already. There’s a reason it’s possibly the grandest film franchise in the Western world, and Ian Fleming’s character is that reason. I guess one should really read the books, even if I’ve always grown up with James Bond being portrayed on the silver screen.


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2010/08/04 at 11:52

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  1. Reading the books is worth the effort. They’re good reading. The only thing they have in common with the movies are the titles. (Actually, that’s not strictly true: in the latest _Casino Royale_ Craig suffers a torture described in the book. Times have changed, after all!)


    2010/08/04 at 18:02

  2. Brosnan……… Martin. Næste gang jeg ser dig får du en form for fysisk afstraffelse.

    Også et klap på hovedet for at anerkende the one and only Connery himself.


    2010/08/23 at 10:20

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