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Negative control

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As of Monday, I’d been doing my intermittent fasting experiment for nearly two months, and felt that following the regimen had pretty much settled into routine. At that point, I could make the following observations:

  • Lost just under 10 pounds.
  • Blood pressure went down 5 points systolic and 10 points diastolic.
  • Workout performance/progress unchanged on eating days. Running and the like was harder on fasting days.
  • No noticeable change in concentration or other mental traits.
  • Some hunger on fasting days, more joy from food on eating days. Overall neutral.
  • I’ve mentally and/or physically realized that hunger doesn’t mean I’m about to die. Much easier to resist the urge to grab one more bowl of cereal when I logically realize I’ve had enough, and so forth.

So, overall it’s not bad. The weight loss and drop in blood pressure is good (since no loss in strength), and the rest is really neutral. Slight disadvantage in having to plan for social events, offset by saving money on food. But, I can easily imagine convincing myself that I feel great and nothing is changed, as a way of coping with some terrible regime I’ve forced upon myself. Thence risk of crazy healthiness hyperbole where I devote myself to one crazy idea after another, and then wonder why I’m sick all the time (maybe my most recent illness was due to IF).

So,  a negative control is in order.  It was always my plan to do that once things were stable, so for the next two or three weeks I’m going to just eat normally, but otherwise keep up the same plan for exercise etc. Then I can see whether the physiological changes start reverting, and whether there were psychological changes that I hadn’t noticed. I’ll keep you posted!

Written by Martin

2010/07/27 at 16:57

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  1. Wow impressive really interested in knowing the results
    Will you have to curb your eating since you have been eating whatever you like on “eating days”(right?)
    Ten lbs yikes! Still I think I would not have the willpower!


    2010/07/27 at 18:49

  2. That’s a very significant drop in BP. I’m impressed! If I could drop the same amount I’d be right back into a healthy range without medication. Maybe I should consider IF?

    Che Gobar

    2010/07/28 at 08:22

  3. @dada: Well, the idea has always been to eat when hungry. I eat less now because I’m not as hungry, but I’m not making a specific effort to eat less. I could well imagine that I’ll end up eating more overall though, I guess the scales will tell.

    @Che Gobar: Unless you want to do it indefinitely, I guess that depends a lot on whether my numbers go back up now. I’ll let you know what I find.


    2010/07/28 at 10:56

  4. Yup, weight started to creep up a little, and though there’s a lot of variance between BP measurements, I think it was starting to increase as well. Plus, I actually felt worse: less bright and shiny, and had less fun eating.
    True, it was nice to be able to eat at any given time, but sometimes too much niceness isn’t that great overall. Longing makes the heart grow fonder.


    2010/08/30 at 09:10

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