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Go to work, come home and work on articles, struggle to make a dent in the sleep deficit… another weekend devoid of variety, or indeed any sensory stimuli not originating from my ENVY, was threatening to smash the last bastion of my sanity and make me accept the drudgery of a worker ant as the natural state of things. Fortunately for me, and the rest of the world, Morten’s visiting friend had found an interesting concert he wanted to go to Sunday night, and I opted to risk further sleep deprivation and join them.

What followed was, like eating sushi or making out, one of those things that when discovered make you immediately think to yourself “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?!”. What might have prompted this reaction, you might ask? Clearly something I didn’t know about, though I had unwittingly gotten a glance at something very similar back in 2008, near Harajuku station in Tokyo. In the name of suspense, I’ll rephrase the question (and then answer it, I promise!): what do you get when you take the eminent rock’n’roll and 50s clothing of Rockabilly and mix in some darkness and aggression of punk rock?

The answer is Psychobilly, and why DIDN’T anyone tell me about it? I mean, with girls that look like this, and music that sounds like this, what’s not to like? Add in some choppers and everyone having a blast, and you’ve got something that no man could refuse. Being stuck at work until eightish, I only caught the last two acts of the night, but honestly those were more than enough. The main event was actually a Danish band, Nekromantix. Apparently one of the biggest names in Psychobilly, they’ve found more fertile ground for their unique talents here in the Land of the Free, and thus rarely put on any shows in Denmark. I’d love to post a video of Kim Nekroman’s coffin-shaped double bass, the brutal mosh pit and just the spectacular illusion of having been transported to the bad boy motorcycle gang party of the year 1956, but quite frankly I couldn’t have captured it if I’d tried.

So I’ll just give you this to stick on your retina, and leave it to the adventurous to seek out the next psychobilly show that comes to town.


Written by Martin

2010/07/26 at 23:06

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