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Dizzy, can’t focus, buzzing feeling in lips and extremities (similar to that of lying in your bed post-party, interestingly. Minus the tinnitus though). Very weak physically, even peeling some carrots was an ordeal.

Everyone is quick to identify my intermittent fasting as the cause. Could be, but I’m not quote convinced. Why would it make me ill after a month and a half of doing it? And this started Sunday, which was an eating day. I’m inclined to blame overworking myself. Working 70 hours a week, workouts 1.5 times a day and difficulties sleeping; consequently, lack of social interactions with anyone other than coworkers, lack fresh air, lack of sunlight. I think I’ve mentioned this, but there are no windows at the office, which means a pretty awful work environment.

Nonetheless, I’ve concluded that while IF might be healthy long term, there’s no reason to believe that fasting when sick is helpful. So until I’m all better I’ll eat every day. And I’m trying to be good to myself as well, which I reckon is needed if this is at least partly stress induced. So instead of just oats for breakfast, I made some porridge and added mango, watermelon, bananas and coconut flakes, for a tropical delight.

Tropical oatmeal

It wasn’t bad. The watermelon didn’t add a whole bunch though. But the important thing was to get out of the routine and feel that I’m doing something for myself. I also went and got some vegetables, to make an honest to god sandwich with mayo (gasp!), lettuce, tomatoes, ham, cheese, pickles. Big step up from just putting the ham on toast, without butter.

I didn’t go to work today, and although I still spent the whole day working at home, I managed to simultaneously watch all three Back To The Future movies. Also talked to my neighbors about having a little barbecue this weekend. Called my parents, talked to friends back home. The moral of the story is that while studying/working abroad is a great opportunity to get rid of daily distractions and really immerse yourself in work, it’s of critical importance to have regular social interactions, variety in daily life, things that can give you a sense of accomplishment in the short term. A life, in other words. It’s too easy to become isolated and stressed, which will grind you down and make you sick, depressed, or both.


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2010/07/13 at 23:47

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