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Lazy Sunday

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Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and without regard for your plans, the planets will have aligned themselves to make it a lazy day. Once this happens, the only thing to do is to embrace it and spend the time recharging; trying to fight it will only result in wasted time, as we shall see later in this post.

Since this is an eating day, I started off with a healthy breakfast, consisting of:

  1. A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and some juice.
  2. Another bowl, this time vanilla yoghurt with strawberry honey bunches of oats and sliced banana.
  3. A final bowl of plain oats and milk, with some honey, dried berries and nuts sprinkled on.

This may sound a bit extreme (and probably 1800 kcals or so), but we must remember that I hadn’t eaten anything for 32 hours; eating day breakfasts are straight up feasts. Nonetheless, experience has at least attempted to teach me that you should never pick oats for a third (or probably even second) bowl of cereal, even if you feel like something less sweet. They’re too heavy, making you distinctly bloated for several hours afterwards.

After enjoying my breakfast and watching Stephen Fry in America for a couple of hours, I was off to work. But not before heading down the street for a garage sale I’d noticed yesterday. What initially caught my eye was Moby Dick, which I’d unfortunately bought just the day before, at five times the price. Fortunately they had a very nice selection of books, so armed with cash I went back today, and returned with the following cache of loot:

I’d planned to spend only a couple of hours at work, but once I got there I quickly found more experiments I could do, and before long I had a plan to stay until five, go home to cook the dinner I’d planned while my samples incubated, and then return at ten for another couple of hours to get everything done for tomorrow. But then fate intervened; it had already told me that today would be a lazy day, so why was I trying to pack in more experiments? Of course, fixing the mistake was a simple matter. As I opened the centrifuge to get out my samples, I discover that the bottom of the tubes had cracked, depositing hours of work in the tube holder. There goes that plan.

It was an eight hour sample preparation (though I was only midway), so I didn’t have time to start over. I’d lost the battle against destiny (though I still intend to win the war), and instead went home (after another failed attempt to procure pure kerosene).

So, now I’m home, watching Stephen Fry make his way from Montana to Texas and enjoying my quite delicious pizza bianca, with potatoes, mozarella and parmesan, spiced with fresh basil and rosemary from Morten’s herb pots on the roof.

Oh, I almost forgot. While I was preparing the pizzas, I had some steamed mixed vegetables, to which I had the random impulse to add black eyed peas, sour cream and hot chunky salsa. Unexpectedly, the result was highly delicious! Best gastronomically positive surprise I’ve had since duck fat french fries. So give it a shot if you’re feeling lazy and have the ingredients.


Written by Martin

2010/06/27 at 19:59

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