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Tenebrous magic

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People who say that magic doesn’t exist are taking things too literally.

Racing back from the airport at 4:30 to catch the sunrise, on a tank that claims to be empty, cresting a hill for the city lights to come into view just as Ragoo comes on, is some kind of magic. The kind that only happens at night, when all the distractions are drowned out by darkness, and nobody is around to divert your thoughts. A special time with its own set of rules, where things that seem silly by day suddenly make sense; absinthe, talking to strangers, pondering the meaning of life. You can almost feel the people all around you, dancing in clubs, alone in their rooms, cuddling their lovers, waiting for something to happen; a massive web of transiently connected individuals, forgetting or remembering themselves. Loneliness is stronger now, and ecstasy is too.

It’s a time like no other; and sure, it can be attributed to our tiredness, the breaking up of daily routines, social conventions etc., but explanations are just a way to give meaning to something that is what it is. If life on Earth is a miracle, then the night is magical.

You might be wondering what the point of this post is? Well, it's one of those things that make sense only by the night.


Written by Martin

2010/05/29 at 05:39

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