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Product review: Bakon

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Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.

Some of my friends back home let me know about this rather unique product, so when I saw it at the pub yesterday, I naturally had to partake. Despite the bartender’s advice, I opted not to put it in a Bloody Mary, nor to have it served chilled; after all, if you’re paying 6$ for a shot of Bakon, you want to get the full flavor, right?

The verdict: It’s alright. Sure enough, it’s vodka with some bacon flavor; not too bad a combination, though the first sip did send a wave of wrongness through my body. Unfortunately, only the first few sips actually let through the taste of bacon, after that it was just decent vodka. It might be fun in a Bloody Mary as he said, or as my friend suggested, for cooking. Though at that point, why not just add regular vodka and bacon?

Written by Martin

2010/05/20 at 10:59

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  1. Hahaha!! My friends at the student union made their own bacon vodka once, putting fried bacon in vodka and letting it “soak” like that for a while. So funny to see that someone else thought of that too, and actually made a product!


    2010/06/02 at 04:58

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