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A friend requested some pictures from the neighborhood where I live, since all my pictures from Baltimore “look like the slums”. So since the leaves are green and the birds are heralding the coming of Spring, I figured I’d take some shots of the nice view we have from our rooftop deck, which also shows the neighborhood. So without further ado:

East: Big churches, landmark National Bohemian sign (red spot in the middle) and neighboring deck

South: The harbor, and more decks from our block

West: Downtown

Northeast: Patterson Park is off in the distance, but mostly this is just what the neighborhood looks like

Note, this post shouldn’t be taken to mean that Baltimore isn’t primarily a big slum.


Written by Martin

2010/05/05 at 19:50

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  1. I think maybe you should get a job working for the Baltimore Tourist Assoc. they would really like that last line!!!!!
    You have a great view especially of the water!


    2010/05/05 at 20:37

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