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Start wearing purple, wearing purple

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Start wearing purple for me now, as proposed by Gogol Bordello, a Ukrainian-American band of self-proclaimed Gypsy Punks.

Last Thursday we went to their concert, and Ram’s Head Live! downtown. The place itself was actually very good; fairly big with different sections for different folks, good view of the stage. Beer was expensive, but I guess it always is. And the crowd was better looking than I’ve gotten used to here, heh. Here’s a view from the outside, featuring ghostly jumping figure:

Partypartyparty, we're gonna have a party!

Well, technically that’s Power Plant Live!, the less indie bigger brother. I didn’t realize that at the time though. When we got in there they had some younger band on, who were trying really hard. On the one hand, they were probably trying too hard: one guy with a bright red bandana, one in a leather jacket with emo hair, etc. Mixed bag of rock’n’roll jellybeans. On the other hand, trying too hard is a lot better than not trying at all; the songs had a lot of energy, and some of them were pretty good too. I was satisfied.

And also fooled; I’d counted on one warmup act before Gogol, and paced my drinking appropriately. So, although I didn’t quite realize it at the time, when the second warmup group came on, I was doomed to a night of drunken revelry. On the bright side, DeVotchKa were pretty good  too. More slow, moody music, though still romani/slavic inspired. Plus, they had an aerialist as part of the show:


As for Gogol Bordello themselves, it was a semi-nude, wholly drunk, bouncy, kickin’, sweaty, energetic, fast-paced, gypsy punk blast.


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2010/05/03 at 23:01

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