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Brief update on sustenance

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  • Canned soup with no added salt is incredibly bland. However, along the way my tastebuds seemed to wake up to realize that they couldn’t run this one on automatic, at which point the taste was quite decent. The soup was a $2.5 Health Valley Organic minestrone. Two semi-salty crackers improved things further.
  • Wegman’s is the best supermarket I have ever been to. At least the one in Baltimore, but I reckon the others must be similarly good. Fantastic selection at normal prices. Whole Foods probably beats it for exotic items, but at higher prices. Trader Joe’s matches (or perhaps barely beats) it for healthy food choices, but is much smaller and for some things more expensive.
  • Somehow my appetite seems to be decreasing. If I eat cereal at 8ish, lunch at 2ish and a snack here and there, I don’t feel like eating a proper dinner most days. Even though I’m exercising a lot more than usual (though actually exercise has been shown to reduce appetite, so that might be the reason).
  • Some things are surprisingly hard to find here. Not until I went to Di Pasquales for lunch Tuesday (awesome Italian place, lots of goods and great sandwiches/pizza) was I able to find fusilli. I still haven’t seen red serrano chilis, and getting live yeast requires a visit to one of the abovementioned supermarkets with superior selection. And when I wanted some ground cardamom for a cake, they tried to charge me 11 dollars for it…

Written by Martin

2010/04/16 at 14:02

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  1. Just read through 1.5 months’ blog posts. Great stuff 🙂


    2010/04/18 at 06:39

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  3. […] we invited the coworkers we’d met at the pow-wow to our place for dinner, then rushed off to Wegman’s to shop (though I had an ulterior motive of obtaining live yeast and stroopwafels), and then to […]

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