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So this was supposed to have been posted Monday, but my internet was dead and I couldn’t upload the photos. But here it is, a report on a great weekend, presented here in reverse chronological order:

Sunday a bunch of us drove down to DC for the annual cherry blossom festival there, after attending to our respective work/church obligations. There are a good number of cherry trees there, donated by the Japanese a while back (possibly as an apology for Pearl Harbor), and thus ensues a week-long festival of fireworks, Japanese dances, and general pleasantness. Sunday was supposed to be the lighting ceremony for a 369-year-old lantern, which we promptly missed. Given that the ceremony was at 2 o’clock and the weather was bright and sunny, I’m not sure how impressive it would have been in any case. What’s worse was that the peak bloom was apparently last weekend; a lot of the trees had dropped their petals already, but there were still some nice ones left:

We also went to the nearby Jefferson Memorial, just because we hadn’t been there. It’s pretty nice, big round neoclassical building with a large statue of Jefferson and inscriptions of some of his utterances on liberty. Very open building, which is great in the summer. Too bad it’s full of tourists.

Saturday was no slouch either. Started off with pancakes, eggs and bacon, followed by a couple of hours wasted playing Civilization, then shopping for and making cornbread. We’d intended to have a picnic in Washington Sunday, and my contribution was to be cornbread open sandwiches, with turkey breast & provolone, cream cheese and tomato slices, apple butter and nuts/cheese, blackberry jam etc. In the end we dropped the picnic idea, so now we have cornbread for the next month. It turned out quite tasty, though only one of the two pans rose, and not much at that. We had some girls from the lab over for dinner, and then headed to the highlight of the day: Infected Mushroom playing at Club Sonar.

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psy-trance act, with heavy influences from heavy rock and middle eastern music. Pretty unique sound, and pretty awesome. Odd concert: small venue, and the crowd was a very weird mix of enthusiastic teenagers, acidheads from the last generation, trippers in top hats and leather bikinis, Israelis with flags and kippahs, and a number of normal-looking people (we would fall in the last category). Then you add in the obvious drug dealers, undercover cops and one or two people stoned out of their minds, all with a bare concrete backdrop and of course glowsticks and psychedelic videos on monitors. The music was, as they say, rockin’.

Friday… well, Friday was fun. Let’s leave it at that.

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2010/04/08 at 09:12

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  1. Hey Martin:

    Nice stuff, both monumental and magnificent, what an interesting mash-up of civic and uncivil!!

    Haha. Our cherries are largely a matter for the history books, and winter 2010 will be remembered as a case of global cooling.

    Cheers PF


    2010/04/08 at 19:59

  2. […] talked about DC before, so I won’t spend time describing it again. Suffice to say the weather was great, the […]

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