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This weekend a bunch of us are going to upstate New York, where a girl in the lab is from. On the agenda is visiting her hometown, the famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, seeing the notable Corning glass museum, enjoying her parents’ fire pit and going to wine tastings in the finger lakes region. I’m sure it’ll be pretty awesome, but I’m thinking it would be even more awesome to skip the brunch and leisurely ride home on Sunday, and instead spend the extra 3 hours each way going to the Niagara falls.

Unfortunately the others have either seen it, have no passport to get to the Canadian side or just doesn’t want to drive that long. So I’ll probably end up going alone. I’ve done a little research on solo road trips, so I think I’m decently prepared. It’s 3 hours there, and then 7-8 back to Baltimore, so it’s not a massive trip; it’ll probably be a good warmup for coast-to-coast trip once my work here is done.

Here are some of the points I’ve gathered:

  • Bring food in the car to avoid salty fast food
  • Skip the coffee, it makes you need the bathroom frequently
  • Make sure your car is in good order
  • Have a cell charger in the car, and lots of music/podcasts

And this last one brings me to the point of the post. I need some great road music, so what do people like? I’m fond of The Strokes while driving, and other bands I generally like, such as Franz Ferdinand. Rage Against the Machine and Man’o’War are good when you need to pump up a little. The latest Kings of Leon album is great once it gets dark. And of course a lot of rock classics like Steppenwolf, Stones, ACDC… I’ve also got my favorite podcast, about the life of Napoleon, which will probably get more airtime than the music. Nonetheless, I’d love to hear suggestions from whoever reads this.

So, any tips for road music? Or for solo road trips if you have them?


Written by Martin

2010/04/07 at 18:11

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  1. Brunch sounds great – I would go for it. Also (listen to your Mom) you may not want to drive alone for so many hours after enjoying a nice night of wine tasting! Alcohol stays in the blood for quite a long time.


    2010/04/08 at 07:18

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