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Busted (Edit: April Fools’ entry)

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Well, last night turned out to be an expensive experience…

After work we went to a nice Vietnamese restaurant for dinner (7$ for a humongous bowl of Phở is hard to beat), after which the Mystery Men returned to the bar around the corner from us (the one with the 1$ Natty Bohs, though it’s now limited to 3 per person). Drinks were had, good times ensued… except for the walk home.

Being used to Denmark, I brought my last drink with me out to the street, which is not at all allowed here in the US. And even though the bar is literally two blocks away from Mystery Mansion, I was unlucky enough to run into a cop car. They stopped and started to give my a fine for drinking in public, at which point I may, in my inebriated state, have mouthed off to them while throwing the can on the ground. They didn’t like that at all, and the next thing I know they’re hauling me off, claiming that I threw the can at them and putting me in detention for assaulting an officer.

Fortunately for me the guys were with me, so we were able to take care of the bail pretty efficiently, and I finally learned how all the bail bond places you see in Baltimore work. Basically, the court sets a crazy high bail that you can’t pay; instead, you pay the bail bond place a low percentage of the bail (in my case 5% of the 10,000$, or 500$) upon which they pay the court the full bail. Assuming I show up at the court date (May 15th), the bail bonds place gets back the full amount from the court, and keep my 500$. But if I ran away, they’d be down 10,000$ unless they can get me back, which is where the bounty hunters come into the picture.

Anyway, I’m obviously not about to flee the state. Hopefully the charges will be dismissed and I’ll just get the fine for drinking in public, since it’s not illegal to swear at an officer, and I have two witnesses that I didn’t do anything. So the total detriment would amount to 500$, the fine, and the privilege of seeing a jail cell from the inside for three hours…

Not the cell I was in; for some reason they didn't let me take photos...


Written by Martin

2010/04/01 at 17:56

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  1. HOLY F K!!!!!!
    You are sure soaking up the atmosphere here in the US of A.
    Stay out of trouble on your Bday!!!!
    I am thinking you may not just have to have a blog but maybe you should be keeping a video diary as well!
    Thank goodness you did not run into McNulty!


    2010/04/01 at 23:57

  2. I am glad I read the comments before I blew my top!


    2010/04/08 at 07:15

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