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I was shopping for a salad this Monday, and as usual started wandering around, browsing pretty much any food-related item in the supermarket. Walking past the immense amount of pre-spiced beans and cans of Manwich, I stopped at a section I’d usually dismissed subconsciously as something for other people: the canned soups.

There’s tonnes of them here, Campbell’s alone makes 81 varieties by my count: tomatoes, lentils, creamy, chicken, chunky or condensed, low-fat, with pasta, oriental-style… I’ve never eaten a can of soup in my life, though.

I’m not sure how the idea came to me, I can only assume that it tore through the vacuum of space at the speed of thought, and struck my able brain as a thunderbolt of inspiration: I can get dirt-cheap lunches, while having both a new and distinctly American experience, by eating these canned soups at work. Additionally, carefully picked cans could provide a good amount of protein after going to the gym here, and it would save a lot of time preparing or going to buy lunch.  Plus, I can store some here without them going bad, so that I’ll never be lunchless.

My enthusiasm dropped somewhat after looking at the contents of a typical can, however. Even avoiding the fatty ones, there’s an immense amount of sodium in these things, and often other additives as well. There are reduced sodium versions of some of the Campbell’s soups, but they’re still pretty bad, plus it really limits selection.

So I’m calling upon you all: can anyone suggest a healthier choice of canned soups? I realize that making my own soup is the best option for nutrition and taste, but that’s not the point of this experience. So keep it canned. And while I’ll gladly pay more for something healthier, $5+ gourmet cans would also be contrary to the intent.


Written by Martin

2010/03/26 at 17:46

Posted in Food

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  1. this is a cool image


    2010/03/26 at 20:21

  2. It’s Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup (obviously) from 1962 (or 1961? I can’t remember). The icon of pop art!


    2010/03/26 at 21:50

  3. Wow you are sooo right I lost alot of my weight eating Progresso Soups they are high in fiber and low in calories and taste pretty good. But I have just been online to almost all the soups companies I could remember including healthy choice and Amy’s(Organic and natural) and holy moly man they have a ton of salt-I may be much thinner but am lucky I didn’t have a stroke!!!! Lars and I were just talking about this the other day for some reason even the soup places in NYC use alot of salt it is cheap way of making stuff taste good.So making your own is the way to go get a big pot and lots of plastic freezer bags or containers-I will find out the name of the company, but there is a packaged soup that I have made alot you just add your own chicken-or ham bones etc it has the spices and beans or lentils all ready to go- so easy. But first I have to check the sodium levels!!!!


    2010/03/27 at 10:12

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