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The Mystery Mansion

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Last night saw the official unveiling and christening of our place, the Mystery Mansion.

Ok, so the name hasn’t quite caught on yet, but I’m working on it. I mean, where else would the Mystery Men reside? It’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the housewarming was an absolute blast. I’d spent most of the day preparing snacks, which supplemented the chili con carne, onion soup and Trinidadian shrimp wontons. Honestly we went a bit overboard, but at least we have food for the next week.

Prepping snacks for the housewarming

Liberal application of white russians (and Slovakians), dry martinis, champagne, etc. led to a splendid evening of fun and games, music and enjoyment. By the time we started slowing down dawn was approaching, so we concluded the festivities by watching the sunrise from the rooftop deck. Or we would have, but for the cloud cover. In reality we mostly watched the sky become gradually lighter, which does have its own understated kind of charm.


Written by Martin

2010/03/14 at 20:55

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  1. What are trinidadian shrimp wontons?????
    Can I have the recipe for my cooking blog-
    Did one of the other Mystery Men prepare that if so give him my email!


    2010/03/15 at 09:21

  2. Well, they’re mostly like regular wontons, but for the cilantro marinade on the shrimp. My friend Sarah made them, I told her to mail you the recipe. They were real tasty, except the ones we spiked with silkworm pupae.


    2010/03/15 at 21:20

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