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Had a slow Saturday, following a birthday party that went to the edge and beyond. One thing Pete & I did manage to do, though, was go to IKEA to try and remedy the rampant lack of furniture in our rooms. At first I was a bit skeptical; approaching IKEA, the familiar blue and yellow box was oddly adorned with flags of colors that were neither blue nor yellow! There was white and red, didn’t feel right at all. There was even an “Entrance” sign with red letters!

Once we got inside, however, it was good old Swedish IKEA, with little areas guiding everyone through the showrooms like bleating sheep, forcing them to look at everything in the store even if they just want to get a new pillow. And of course all the furniture was exactly the same, at more or less the same prices. In fact, after being in there for 10 minutes, I’d forgotten that I was in Baltimore, and found myself wondering what the hell all the Americans were doing there.

In the end I just got some hangers and a shoe horn, will come back next weekend or so after making a more detailed plan for the room and checking craigslist for more colorful alternatives. We did however have a fabulous plate of meatballs in the restaurant, for the ridiculous price of 1$ (or so they advertised. With tax it was annoyingly one dollar and six cents…).

And you thought the Swedish IKEA was cheap

Written by Martin

2010/03/07 at 01:08

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