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As I mentioned in the last (real) post, work is picking up now. This means that we’re typically in the lab until around 8pm, which poses a challenge in terms of making dinner.

I was actually looking forward to cooking again, now that I moved out of the dorm. Especially here in the US, where I have a much wider range of ingredients available. But obviously this hinges on having time to cook. So far we’ve been getting by using one of several methods:

  1. Takeout. Good variety, a little expensive if done frequently, usually somewhat unhealthy.
  2. Restaurant. Nice, but somewhat expensive, and includes the hassle of going out.
  3. One person leaves early and cooks. Good option, when it’s an option.
  4. Cook a huge portion and eat it for 2-3 days. Works, but mostly for pasta and stews. Usually combined with option 3 or a weekend, since you need to cook in the first place.

This situation isn’t too bad, but it does limit the options a bit. Salads sometimes get neglected simply because the ingredients aren’t as versatile and have lower shelf-life. Plus meal times are pretty irregular, leading to frequent bouts of hunger in between (and consequently temptation by vending machines and other sources of sugary snacks). Lunch is usually had at the Johns Hopkins Hospital cafeteria, which has a good selection (soups, sandwiches, salad-bar, pizza and 1-2 hot meals) but again tends to be high on calories. Onion rings and fries are surprisingly adept at sneaking into any meal. All in all, I can tell that I’m eating a bit too much these days.

Once I get into a routine, it should be easier to plan meals. Will probably make lunches for myself at least some of the time, just for the element of control. Maybe get a really big pot, cook enormous portions and freeze things, so that we always have several meals in a semi-ready frozen state (our fridge/freezer is American size, fortunately). And a better understanding and supply of available ingredients should help spice up the menu. On the bright side, having three people who actually like to cook means that I get exposed to dishes I probably wouldn’t have made myself, even if the same ingredients are used.

How do I get fed, but not fat?

I’ll keep you posted on the food situation as I go along.

Written by Martin

2010/02/19 at 18:17

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  1. stuff for salads that will keep for a while: fennel makes great salads with lemonjuice and olive oil and a little parmasan or walnuts or radishes or oranges, cabbage for German kraut salad coleslaw etc. Romaine salad keeps a lot longer than other leaves and is very good with tomates, feta etc. thai style salad with green mango, onions, dry or fresh shrimps cilantro etc.dressing: fishsauce,water,lemonjuice,1:1:1, sugar,garlic, chile, ginger, shallots. Use hot water to melt the sugar. bean salads are great once you get to like them.


    2010/02/21 at 04:44

  2. Great! There’s a great asian supermarket that we went to today. Rather far, but great selection of produce in particular. By the way, could you email me the recipe for that bread you always used to make?


    2010/02/21 at 19:39

  3. […] America is a land of great opportunities and great challenges, as I’ve talked about in a couple of earlier posts. Now that I’ve started doing intermittent fasting I’m having a problem […]

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