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Last week was disrupted by snow, and this Monday was President’s Day, but now I’m finally starting to have work to do. Yesterday morning I took a shuttle down to the National Institutes of Health Headquarters in Bethesda, in order to get registered as an NIH worker. Their campus is gargantuan, as evident from the photo below. Of course you’d expect that, with a 2010 budget of thirty-one billion dollars (that’s close to a third of the Danish state budget).

NIH Headquarters in Bethesda

There were  a lot of security checks just to get in there, and it took a lot of time because it seems that my immigration papers were marked wrong when I entered the US. So now I have to go down to Baltimore Washington International Airport to have that fixed, because I can move on to getting a social security number and then my driver’s license.

On the bright side, the 1.5 hour ride each way was in a free shuttle provided by the NIH. Basically a guy in an SUV, much nicer than having to get there myself. After I got back I talked to my Administrative Officer, Project Coordinator, Johns Hopkins Security Officer and the NIH Badging Unit. Follow that up with a bunch of online training courses last night (don’t go on Facebook from NIH computers, always tell the NIH about potentially patentable findings, encrypt all personal identifiable information you take out of NIH computers…) plus more interviews today, and I’m definitely getting places. I now have my Johns Hopkins ID badge, and my NIH badge is being made. I completed all the training courses, so I should get an NIH login and email before too long, and in a little while I’m going to my J-1 Exchange Visitor Orientation. By next week I may even be allowed in the lab.


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2010/02/17 at 12:32

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  1. Why no red dot with the I am here ?


    2010/02/17 at 15:56

    • I wasn’t wearing my platforms, so I had to nick a picture off the web rather than using my own 🙂


      2010/02/17 at 23:04

  2. It all sounds very CIAish!
    PS Any joy on the laptop?


    2010/02/17 at 18:21

    • Myah, not so much. I got it Monday, but it keeps locking up. I’ve gone through a bunch of troubleshooting now, only thing left before sending it in for repairs is a system recovery to factory settings.


      2010/02/17 at 23:06

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