Shiny Metal Tiger

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Shiny Metal Tiger

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Here we are then, the 27th year of the 78th sexagenary cycle. Roughly corresponding to 2010 in the occidental  calendar, this year has the Yang form Metal heavenly stem sitting on the Tiger Earthly Branch. And it is going to be an awesome year.

To my understanding, traditional Chinese astrology has this as a tumultuous year, because the Yang Metal heavenly stem clashes with the Yang Wood fixed element of Tiger. A five year period starting Jan 20th 2010 is dominated by the Wood and Fire elements, so the result is a strong flow of qi from Wood through Fire to Metal. This provide strong energy to anything associated with the Metal element, including warfare, technology and finance, so those areas are supposed to see a lot of action. In retrospect, the last Yang Metal Tiger year was 1950, which saw (among other things): the release of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics book, paving the way for the birth of Scientology; The first use of a plastic card for payment (Diner’s Club); acceptance of evolution as a non-heretical hypothesis by the Catholic church and of course rampant fear of communism.

So that’s what is supposed to happen. But through successive enterprises of daring and ingenuity, I intend to seize my wyrd from the oppressive regime of astrology and send it on a path straight to awesomeness. Last night we went to a dinner for the Taiwanese Association of America, celebrating the Spring Festival. A Taiwanese guy in our lab was one of the arrangers, and arranged for our participation. Nice affair, with a buffet, dancing, music, games for the children and a lottery going on throughout. In particular, there was an opera singer present who gave a fantastic performance.

Today we drove up to Pennsylvania for a whole day of skiing. While the mountain wasn’t really on par with Europe or Colorado for length and variety of slopes, it wasn’t bad at all. We got there early afternoon, and skied until they closed at 22. Lots of speed, lots of falling, lots of good times. Lots of cold too, since I didn’t have proper clothes for the occasion. I also had my first drive-through dinner, at Dunkin’ Donuts… not something I’d like to repeat anytime soon. I’ll upload a picture when possible.


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2010/02/14 at 23:19

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  1. You’ve got yourself another follower! 😉
    Seems like you were snowed in indeed. I thought maybe they were just like the Brits, where 1cm of snow = snowed in. I’m not even joking.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in the west 🙂


    2010/02/17 at 03:38

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